Home Town Luck – Toronto Indy Recap

July 23, 2013 Mark38 No comments exist

The Toronto Indy event has certainly been one of those love/hate type relationships.

If I do a little way back playback, I recall a Formula Renault race I did at Toronto back in 2004… I started on the pole only to be taken out by the third place car at the end of the back straight.. A great race gone bad but in front of the home town crowd a treat none the less.

Fast forward to 2013… the track basically the same… the result different with one key component certainly working in my favour.

In racing, the car can be perfect, the conditions can be right and the driver can have a good day at the office… but as racers, we often include a word that sometimes works for us and sometimes seems to do it’s best to work against us.. That word is “Luck”.

A car spins in front of you and you hit it… bad luck… you had no place to go.. An out of control car T-bones you and takes you out of a race.. not great luck..

A mechanical failure on the last lap that takes you out of the race… not very good luck… or maybe not so much…

As it happened… this years Toronto Indy gave us a solid fourth place finish; probably one of the best DNF finishing results you could ever hope for.. Luck!

You’re probably wondering how this is possible… Well, as it happened, the GT leaders were just that far ahead.. so much so that from 5th place back, the other GTS competitors simply did not have enough laps remaining to physically make up the difference and as a result we ended up fourth and the remaining competitors were a lap down.. Luck!

Had the car developed the issue a lap earlier, we would have likely ended up P10… We were certainly very lucky and as a result left Toronto with a solid finish and remain second in the driver’s championship and second in manufacturers.

We head to Mid Ohio for the next two rounds of the championship in a little over a week’s time. It’s a close race with only 5 rounds remaining this season!

Stay Tuned!

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