Off Season Excitement

March 19, 2013 Mark38

Winter Blog – Kinetic Motorsports/Kia Racing

The first round of the Pirelli World Challenge is set to kick off on the streets of St. Petersburg in only a few weeks time. It has been a lengthy off-season filled with watching old race footage, re-watching it again and dreaming about 2013… I’m ready to get back behind the wheel of the #38 Kia Optima Turbo.

Although re-watching old race footage is exciting, it can become repetitive and with a full seven-month break between the final round of 2012 and St. Petersburg 2013, what is a driver to do with all of that downtime?

Spending time in the gym is a given and racing where and whenever possible… Petit LeMans, Thunderhill 25 and the Rolex 24, but that is only a few weekends in a seven- month break.

Fortunately, there is a cure in the form of a winter pass time that’s just about as challenging, just about as fun and just about as intense as motor racing… snowmobiling.

The modern snowmobile is no slouch. A typical snowmobile will have either a two or four stroke engine and produce anywhere from 50 to 177 hp. Weighing in at a scant 435 lbs., these machines are capable of 100 plus mile per hour speeds while travelling over frozen lakes, groomed trails or back-country terrain.

As a driver, snowmobiling does wonders for retaining focus and pushing the limits while offering little margin for error. With over twenty five thousand miles of groomed and maintained snowmobile trails in Ontario alone, you are always exploring new trails and learning new terrain. Blind corners, decreasing radius bends, hairpins and unpredictable and changing snow conditions put a real emphasis on the rider to be completely focused.

With a race schedule full of street circuits, snowmobiling is a great way to work on focus and endurance. Three hundred and fifty plus mile riding days in frigid temperatures, both day and night, for consecutive days on end, push your limits and wear you out. Awesome training!

I have highlighted some of the great riding footage from the 2013 winter riding season. In total, I covered close to 5000 miles throughout Ontario and with mild March temperatures and the race season upon us, it’s time to put away the winter gear and throw on the racing suit.

Let’s go racing!