Road Atlanta, excitement!

October 21, 2014 Mark38

The 2014 Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge was exactly that… “Challenging”!

The Mantella Autosport operation came to fruition thanks to Anthony Mantella’s vision of building an all Canadian effort back in the fall of 2013.

Under the leadership of Andrew Wojteczko, Mantella Autosport was born and set to take on its first season in the highly competitive Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. From vision to reality in a few short months, Andrew was tasked with the team’s most difficult jobs.. Building a brand new team, sourcing the right people, organizing all of the logistics, building a brand and not to mention, engineer and run the car for the season. This was no easy feat but one tackled with poise, focus and absolute commitment.

Looking back on 2014, we could dwell on the challenges and focus on the “what could have been results” but rather I think it’s more beneficial to outline some of the many successes that we achieved and how far we progressed throughout the season.

The Mantella Autosport crew was simply fantastic. I’m talking about clean, quick and focused pit stops. These guys never put a foot wrong all year and that was certainly a huge highlight of our season!

Every hiccup or challenge, missed rule or penalty, car issue or contact and anything else that challenged us also pushed us to be better, stronger and reach even higher for perfection. We had so many opportunities to be bummed, deflated and defeated and although it was tough to swallow sometimes, we persevered and improved constantly.

The Aston… Great race car once sorted, Andrew and I worked hard to find the balance, improve drivability and make it fast right off the trailer. We certainly accomplished this goal and made one heck of a fast car from mid season to end.

We showed great pace at many tracks, leading the time sheets and showing great consistency throughout.

I’d be remise if I didn’t mention how far Anthony Mantella has come in such a short time in motorsport. We threw him into a pack of wolves and asked him to fend for himself and he not only survived but he established himself as a real threat. Anthony was on it all week at Road Atlanta.. After securing his best qualifying result of the season, he had a champions performance in the race and showed consistency, tenacity and poise. I was impressed and what a great way to end off the season.

As we move into 2015, Mantella Autosport will be making some changes.. Perhaps a switch to an American Icon and perhaps even some growth..

Stay tuned as we roll through the off season and prepare for a new year of battle!