Rolex 24 Winners – CORE Autosport PC class!

February 5, 2014 Mark38

As I sit down in my office staring out at yet another snow storm, I can’t help but give my head a shake.. Did I really achieve something I had always dreamed of acheiving but never thought possible?? Is it really snowing again?! …

Standing on the podium ten years ago I recall a moment I will never forget. Turning to my dad, after a third place finish in my first ever Rolex 24, I said “Why did you tell me this was so hard?” We hadn’t won, but a podium at the Rolex felt like something of a victory.. the following year we made the podium again.. I reiterated my statement.. Two years and two podiums.. a win was just around the corner I thought..

For the next 9 years I would chase that illusive victory.. DNF’s, top tens, top fives.. in 2013, I rejoined AIM Autosport in their Ferrari 458 Grand Am.. a reunion of sorts, we drove to yet another third place finish in the ultra competitive GT class. It had been so long since I had seen the podium at Daytona that it once again felt like a victory although this time it was different. The years of disappointment and heartbreak had humbled me… I had garnered the utmost respect for this race; a bitter taste for its highs and lows; it’s nasty curve balls and relentless challenges.  I wanted to win it badly!

Aside from the obvious reasons a driver wants to win the Rolex.. most prestigious endurance race in North America and arguably the world… the opportunity to win a Rolex watch and wear it proudly as a symbol of accomplishment; conquering something thought to be impossible… for me the Rolex became much more than all of this…

I wanted to win it for my dad.. Since he passed life has certainly felt like the Rolex.. plenty of tough lows and some spectacular highs but always the opportunity to stay focused and driven to make the most out of what life throws your way. For me, the Rolex 24 had become a symbol of how to live.. chase your dreams, never give up and work hard to accomplish your goals..

Ten years after I shared the podium with my dad and uttering those naive words, I stood humbly on the top step, one person in mind.

A real special thanks goes out to my mom and sister. To my fiance Leah who means the world to me. To my co drivers Jon, Colin and James.. To Morgan at CORE Autosport and to the entire CORE Autosport team for giving me the opportunity. To Calvin for making it all possible!

To my supporters and fans!

CORE Autosport wins Rolex 24