Thunderhill – For Semper Fi

December 3, 2012 Mark38

Round One… ¬†Thunderhill 25 is quickly approaching..

Typically, I spend November taking a little bit of a break… After a busy season of racing and coaching, November seems to offer up little in either of these areas. The emphasis switches from summer fun to “it’s getting awfully cold and it’s time to think snowmobiling and well more snowmobiling.” But not this year…

The Thunderhill 25 has always been one to tweak my interest. For one, it is longer than both the 24 hours of Daytona or the 24 hours of LeMans so right away it sits pretty high on the bucket list. It also features a whole heck of a lot of cars and a ton of different kinds at that.. add in a challenging circuit with no lighting and some adverse (I hope it doesn’t snow) weather and you have the recipe for what I think will be a pretty tough race!

So it’s going to be a challenge.

What about the car? Reliable, quick, easy to drive… What is it going to take to win this thing?

In reality, it takes all of these things and certainly a fair bit of luck.. It’s always nice to be in a car that has the pace.. a little extra always makes it easier but this isn’t really the factor that is likely to win a race of this kind.. With all of these endurance races, it really comes down to preparation (team and driver), consistency, staying out of trouble, and luck… no unnecessary risks and absolute focus are essential.

With everything from Miata’s to Norma’s to Eagle Superlite’s and everything in between.. upwards of 80 cars are signed up to start this thing and I can’t wait to be at the front of this mix!

Driving for Davidson Racing (, I will be sharing the driving duties with some great friends and some awesome drivers.. There will be five of us in the Eagle Superlite..

  • Anthony Lazzaro
  • Burt Frisselle
  • Mark Wilkins
  • Michael Valiante
  • Troy Castaneda

Stay tuned for my next blog from Thunderhill later this week.. I’ll make sure I get some photos and video up.. In the mean time, please check out the following site:

We are racing for a great cause!! Can’t wait to get on track!